For those that don’t know, I started training at College Heights Fitness in 2010. It wasn’t very long before I realized that I wanted more. I wanted my own gym, with my own equipment and comfortable environment for all. Just like me, these new members were nervous around strangers and the pretense of major commercial gyms. I wanted there to be a place where a brand new person could ask an experienced gym member for a spot and not receive glares. I wanted them to feel like their gym was their community. All shapes and sizes, multiple different training styles and multiple personalities. Simply I wanted their gym to feel like the tv show Cheers, without the beer 🙂

In September 2011, I converted my garage into a gym. Over the next 4 years I built up the amount of equipment I had and the clientele. In that time, I also met the owner of Northern Strength and Athletics. He wanted the same thing as me. He wanted a friendly public gym. So I sold my house and took the leap.

In the first year of business, I invested over $7,000. Fast forward to April 2016 (1 year after I moved my home gym) it became ready for the public. Not just personal training or small group classes. Now The Gym was ready for members and to build the community.

I should also mention, that in May 2016 I reinvested in The Gym and became the sole owner. Every member is given my phone number and encouraged to call or text me if there is an issue.

I invite you to “like” my facebook page  and consider joining The Gym. All of our Free Sunday Fun-days will be posted on this page as well!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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